One of the main event of OLIVE JAPAN 2018 is, the OLIVE JAPAN SHOW will take place in the main venue of the GALERIA / Futako Tamagawa RISE. There are many Marche shops will exhibt and sell the OLIVE JAPAN 2018 awarded olive oil, vegetables and other food stuff.

June 8th (Fri.), 2018:    10:00 –  19:00
June 9th (Sat.), 2018:    10:00 –  19:00
June 10th (Sun.), 2018:  10:00 – 19:00

Venue; Futako Tamagawa RISE Shopping Center Galleria

60 Brands 130 Awarded Olive Oil will be sold / displayed == Brand List, pleass click here download the list ! → OLIVE JAPAN SHOW 2018 Brand List JPN

The List of Exhibitors (displayed/sold products origin) in  OLIVE JAPAN SHOW 2018 edition


Total 130 awarded olive oil participates OLIVE JAPAN SHOW 2018.  More detail info is available in Japanese website.

AVILO – Kyudenko (Japan, Italy, Portugal)
Castillo de Canena – Olive Oil Select Shop Grancier (Spain)
Zottoperra by Yakuryo Kaihatsu “Biocle” (Italy)
Camilo Australia by Kozato Kizai (Australia)
Melgarejo by Olival (Spain)
Oro Bailen by Traders Market (Spain)
Terre di Pantaleo – Oliva Sicula (Italy)
Tenuta Chiaramonte – Oliva Sicula (Italy)
Oleo Estepa by K Kobayashi (Spain)
Venus 8  (Japan)
Oro del Desierto by Reina (Spain)
Vieiru by Go Premiere (Spain)
Giacomo Grassi by Go Premier (Italy)
GOYA by Imai (Spain)
Monterosa by K Kobayashi (Portugal)
Aceites EL DORADO by Amuse (Spain)
Olio di DIEVOLE by Amuse (Italy)
IL MOLINO by Amuse (Italy)
Castro de Profumi by Bioisshimo (Italy)
Nobreza del Sur by Olivino la Cocina (Spain)
Shogakukan (Book Sales)
OLEA B.B. by delicious Croatia (Croatia)
OPG Chiavalon by delicious Croatia (Croatia)
Embassy of Tunisia (Tunisia)
LUCERO OLIVE OIL by 74 cabotte (USA)
Frantoio Grove by Amuse (USA)
Toyo Olive (Japan)
Aono Diamond (Japan)
Sun Olive (Japan)
Telegraph Hill by O LIV JAPAN (New Zealand)
AMARO by Amuse (Portugal)
INTINI by Fleemswork (Italy)
Cosmo di Russo by Vintage 1 (Italy)
Palacio Marques de Viana by Hyogo Tsusho (Spain)
Aceite Artajo (Spain)
Zen Oliva by Kaminari Consulting (Spain)
Marialva by K Kobayashi (Portugal)
OLIVNA by My Line Trading (Tunisia)
Tripomphe by My Line Trading (Tunisia)
SAFIR (Tunisia)
OLIVKO (Tunisia)
Doleon by SIA-Build Bridge A (Greece)
ennea (Greece)
MIMI by Bridges (Italy)
Frisino by Bridges (Italy)
Longridge Farm by Crea Farm (Australia)
Profumi di Castro by Opulence (Italy)
Iemolo by Yakuryo Kaihatsu (Italy)
Paola Orsini by dotto olive (Italy)
Olio Villa Pontina (Italy)
La Poderina by Torinite Japan (Italy)
Massimo Mosconi by Asia Shokuhin (Italy)
Azienda Agricola Centonze by Asia Shokuhin (Italy)
CREA Farm (Japan)
Etajima Olive (Japan)
JA Oita Kunisaki (Japan)
Yame Chamber of Commerce (Japan)
CARM by Kyudenko (Portugal)
Ecologica de la Rioja by Kiyosu (Spain)
Finca las Manillas by O Liv Japan (Spain)

The Olive Oil Sommelier Association of JAPAN, an Organizer booth

2015 Olive Marche photo Gallery

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